Skin Needling

Skin Needling is a results focused treatment designed to drastically improve the appearance and texture of your  skin. 

Skin needling  harnesses your bodies natural ability to heal an regenerate. Skin needling can be used to effectively:

– to stimulate new collagen and elastin 

_-decrease lines and wrinkles. 

– improve scarring

-minimize pores

-lighten pigmentation

Skin needling is concluded with a hydrating mask, home care cream as well as a relaxing hand and arm treatment. 

To further reduce any down time and promote healing we recommend regular LED sessions both pre and post needling. 

Skin needling results are cumulative and sessions are spaced 8 weeks apart to gain the maximum benefits.

Post needling we are expecting the skin to be red and hot. The heat is from your skin releasing growth factors which is an excellent indication of a successful treatment. 

The following day your skin will be pink and sensitive. Use your moisture protective supplied to you after your session and feel free to wear mineral make up to cover any residual pinkness. To move through this phase faster we recommend the use or red and infared LED.

Between day 3-5 you may get some dry patches. This is from the increased cell turnover. You may need to moisturize additionally during this time. To aid in a faster recovery we recommend the use use of red infared LED.