LED DIY facial lounge

Treat yourself to our LED lounge.  Our LED  stimulates skin healing, collagen production and skin rejuvenation all without any pain, discomfort or downtime. LED is a skin essential and it will supercharge your results.

Professional LED systems are super strong which means that you are getting the correct wavelength and energy density to address your skin concerns. Say hello to results as from your very first session you will start noticing an improvement in skin texture, tone, colour and if you experience breakouts they will heal and leave minimal marks on the skins surface. If you combine LED treatments with clinical facials you will have found the holy grail of skin rejuvenation.

LED treatments allow you to hit pause and recharge your skin cells as even busy gals want to nurture their skin.

During your session you will be escorted to our LED room where you can cleanse your skin before laying down and letting the magic happen.

Choose the LED treatment best suited to your skin goals.

Blue- Used to destroy acne causing bacteria. If you experience breakouts make sure you utilize this wavelength.

Red- The rejuvenating light which promotes collagen and skin strength making it perfect for rosacea and premature aging. 

Infared: The healing light. This is perfect for damaged skins that need additional support. Our wavelengths can also be applied simultaneously so that all your concerns can be addressed in 1 treatment. 

Results from LED are cumulative meaning a consistent approach is needed. We recommend 1-2 sessions per week.

(memberships are available)

Post treatment we provides mists, serums, moisturizers and SPF to get you ready to face the world.