Chemical Peels

At My Face Place, we are proud to offer 3 varieties of chemical peel to suit all skin types and desired outcomes. 

Chemical peels involve applying a topical and low pH treatment to the skin, which will feel tingly but not unpleasant. Chemical peels work by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells leading to increased cellular activity, strengthening and revitalizing the skin. By engaging in regular chemical peels, you will notice improvements to: 

  • Skin smoothness and vitality
  • Fine lines, wrinkles and early signs of aging will deminish
  • Acne, skin congestion and blackheads will reduce.
  • Skin texture and elasticity will improve
  • Acne scarring, sun spots and freckles will fade.
To maximise your results from peels we recommend the introduction of active serums at least 2 weeks pre peel to start getting the skin used to the ingredients.

Rejuvenation skin peel 

 This  is suitable for most skin types and provides light exfoliation and increased skin hydration. This peel involves only light shedding through congested areas. (Not all skins will shed). This is the ideal peel to start with before we progress your skin.

Refining skin peel

Perfect for congested, thickened skins which have significant sun damage this peel is deeply exfoliating which results in a reduction of hyperpigmentation, smoothing of lines and wrinkles and a dewy glow. This peel is ideal for blackhead, breakout prone skins. Post peel we may get some shedding as skin cell turnover increases. 

Replenish skin peel

This multi active peel combines super ingredients that penetrate into the skin resulting is visibly smoother, softer skin. This peel is ideal for those experiencing deep congestion and stubborn pigmentation. As this peel is intense we are expecting some skin shedding approximately 3 days post peel. 

Post peel we must avoid sun exposure as your skin will be more sensitive to UV. It is also recommended that you wear a hat as well as 50+ daily to avoid further skin damage.

After your peel we recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise for the remainder of the day. 

We also suggest that you remove actives from your skin care regime if they contain exfoliating ingredients for 72 hours post treatment.

Post peel we want to focus on hydration as this will help to minimise skin peeling